The Web Wrangler

My web journey started long before WordPress existed… I built my first site using FrontPage, more than 15 years ago.

Since then I’ve used multiple tools and platforms to create web sites, blogs, and online courses for myself, friends, and clients.

As a long-time business owner, I’ve had to wear ALL the hats including marketer, writer, and web master.

Since the sale of my last business, I’ve spent much of my time consulting, writing, and managing businesses. What I’ve learned is that I’ve spent very little time creating things. Much of my work has always been cognitive. Someone else builds the widget, I figure out the rest.

During the course of building yet another web site I realized how much I liked it. Drawing on my years of marketing, copywriting, and customer service, I am able to create not just another web site, but rather a customer-centric one.

I decided I needed to know more! I decided that I wanted to understand more than HTML, CSS, and the WordPress admin page. Digging into JavaScript and PHP, along with JQuery, AJAX, JSON, MySQL. As a result my design skills have improved.

I love digging into the code, figuring out what else can be done, and then digging into the research to get it done. But that’s nothing new…

I’m a challenge-o-holic… yes it’s true.

One year it was all about reading 100 books. The next was about learning to paint, paper quill, shoot competitively, improve my guitar playing skills, among others. This last year has been all about learning coding, design, getting healthy after a run-in with cancer and chemo, and ink/pen sketching. Next year… who knows! I’m still crafting my learning plan but I’m thinking it might involve drums…

My number one strengthsfinder trait… Learner. You probably wouldn’t have guessed that right?

As you might imagine… there’s more…

Yolanda A. Facio
Web Wrangler